Dubai Airshow


Location: UAE – Dubai

Language: Arabic

Duration: 2:22

Sound: natural

Source: A24 – UAE Office

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 11-13-2023




Dubai Airshow


The Dubai Airshow, the most prominent event in the global aviation sector, continues until November 17 at Dubai World Central. The exhibition is considered as a hub for sector leaders, and a catalyst for development of the aviation, space and defense sectors. The event attracted more than 1,400 exhibitors from 148 countries and more than 300 international speakers to enhance opportunities for cooperation and technological improvement, explore the latest trends and promote sustainable innovation for the future. The eighteenth session of the exhibition will witness a group of air and ground displays of commercial and military aircraft to showcase their capabilities to participating parties from the space, defense and aviation sectors. The display will include 180 of the most advanced commercial and military aircraft in the world. The exhibition will also showcase the latest developments in the field of using sustainable aviation fuel and other solutions and innovations that contribute to supporting sustainability efforts in the aviation sector.




  • Soundbite (Abdullah Al Kaabi – visitor):

“I would love talking about this beautiful exhibition that brought together all types of aircraft from all countries. The exhibition was fun and beautiful.”


  • Soundbite (Mohamed Al-Muqbali – visitor):

“What I liked about this exhibition is that it is open to all academic, military, and entertainment entities representing more than one sector, and everyone can participate.”


  • Soundbite (Mohamed Obaid – visitor)

“My dream is to become a military pilot, and we saw this distinguished exhibition that brings together all countries in one place, and this is the result of the efforts of the leaders and dignitaries of the United Arab Emirates.”

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