Tunisia: College graduates suffer from unemployment

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Unemployed advanced degree holders are performing a peaceful sit-in in front of the Ministry of Employment in the state of Kasserine in Tunisia, demanding their rights to access to jobs, social justice and the advancement of the city which considered one of the remote areas that suffer from marginalization in Tunisia.




Shouts and cheers filled the tensive atmosphere in front of the Ministry of Employment in Kasserine region in Tunisia, launched by the unemployed degree holders, demanding the provision of job opportunities in the public sector, which commensurate with their degrees.

Protestors sat on the groundsas a means to claim tgeir legitimate right to work after spending long years of studying, putting their diplomas in their hands while staring at them in a sad way as if their years of hard aorking and studying have gone misspent, and that is what makes them more attached to their demands.

Protesters confirmed that the protest will continue untill the responding to their demands that mainly represents in providing immediate jobs for the unemployed graduates and promoting the development path in Kasserine.

It is worth to mention that Kasserine is one of the twenty-four Tunisian states located in west-central Tunisia, and the state has only three high schools, two of them are in the city of Kasserine and one in the city of Sbeitla.



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