Palestine: Alzawya Herbs market in Gaza.

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Alzawiya market is considered one of the oldest famous Palestinian markets in Gaza City which is still to this day colorful with herbs and various desserts and a distinctive scent, the flavors are vary with the varying mixtures of spice dealers






Despite the various markets in Gaza City but Alzawiya market located in the city center stands at the top of the pyramid of markets, not only the historical value, but also for his inclusion of all types of life supplies needed by Gaza people for their daily lives.

Alzawiya market is a complex for all parts of Palestinian society with many visitors the double in number during occasions and holidays. The market was known as a place for Perfumery and Leather sellers but it evolved to become what it is today.

Alzawiya market is an architectural pattern fitting ergonomically in the atmosphere and climate conditions, with cross-vaulted ceiling and top slots for lighting and ventilation, and consists of thirty-four opposite shops with arched roofs reaching deep into the shop of about two meters and a half.

After that the market expanded dramatically, the shops inside it diversified to the shops for the sale of spices, vegetables, fruits, poultry, fish, and meat and so on, and perhaps the most important characteristic of shops is Perfumery which is frequently found in this historic place.



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