Tunisia: Bokwa dance festival

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Tunisian capital held the Bokwa dance festival of the African nature in its first session in the presence of a remarkable number of instructors and participants, including the Mavi Paul, the designer of this dance.



For the first time a special Bokwa dance festival is held in the Tunisian capital, attended by the dance designer “Paul Mavi,” who tend to combine sport, self-defense and dance movements in lively and graceful ways hoping to spread around the world and to assign an annual event due to its unique form of sport.
Bokwa sport differ from other activities as it combines more than one sport activity, as it includes dancing, foot painting and singing by moving the hands and feet to pronounce the letters and numbers with participants joy to the voices of loud music, all of this will meet the sports as one under the supervision of trainers.
This dance is new in the field of Tunisian sport but it is expected that this festival regain much attention from the Tunisians, especially young people who are always looking for renewal, while many argue that the sport is one of the most modern sports in the world which could deepen the degree of activity and movement in the body because it consume 1200 calories per hour and help to improve the mental state of practitioners of the sport.
Bokwa dance started in the United States and started to spread to east Europe and middle east until it reached Tunisia.



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