Iraq: Shorja market for herbs and spices

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Shorja market is considered one of the oldest markets in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, was known as Al-Rayaheen market in the Abbasid era, and still continues to flourish with colorful different spices with distinctive smells, which flavours vary as mixtures do.



Baghdad’s Shorja market for spices boasts varied colors of spices like it’s an embroidered painting, its distinctive smell added a new taste for beauty and a different smell that piles on the outskirts of the market and attracts the passers of the market.

The market is considered one of the oldest markets in Baghdad, and was known in the Abbasid era as Al-Rayaheen market. Iraqis have gotten used to visit this market to get the flavors of all kinds of spices, collected by druggists who know the secret of the profession which they inherited from their parents and grandparents, so that Iraqis expatriates seek their spices from this market. The most popular types of spices sold in Shorja market are coriander, cardamom, cloves and other imported spices from India and and the Arabian Gulf.



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