Yemen: New field training to combat terrorism.

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The first batch of special anti-terrorism forces members are training in the temporary Yemeni capital, Aden, at the hands of trainers and special forces unit, and still qualifying trainees operations are ongoing in multiple specialized sessions to carry out their role in the security tasks of the political leadership after landing on the ground.




More than a thousand trainees is in the first batch of units of special anti-terrorism forces, receiving national intense training, at the hands of a group of special forces trainers for more than forty-five days, and in this module, the trainees are undergoing rehabilitation and preparing to carry out their tasks apply security in the city of Aden and the liberated cities. After the end of this session will be a new group to be trained with the fields training, to get the same experience of their predecessors, and the current number of private security forces is 7500 of the noncommissioned officers and officers.
A variety of courses and methods of fighting several learned by trainees in the training grounds, combat and security skills are highly received in advanced courses, such as the resolution of the riots and protect the dignitaries and the fight against terrorism and rapid intervention, to do their part in protecting the security and stability, as these troops waiting for the signal to begin the implementation of its tasks.
In spite of the short period granted by the political leadership to lead the Special Security Forces and scarce possibilities that were paid to them, but they were able to establish a real force on the ground to the Special Security Forces who are ready to carry out any combat missions.



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