Syria: ISIS looting and destruction of Alhasakah Antiquities

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Al Hasaka province in northeastern Syria is considered an area rich in historical and cultural legacy, as well as rich archaeological hills in the province, and the most important monuments is Tel Araban city dating back to the times of the Assyrian which was controled by ISIS who stole all the relics there.




Tel Araban one of the most important monuments in the countryside of southern Hasaka in northeastern Syria, after ISIS control on the southern countryside of the city of Hasaka, they dug this archaeological place in a barbaric way and stole all antiquities without resorting archaeological excavations, in addition to breaking the remaining antiquities before the region liberation by Syria democratic forces.
The size of the monuments of Tel Araban City indicates it was a huge Assyrian city and was a great metropolis and the city continued until the Islamic period where it was a strategically important military city and was marked with huge walls and paintings and statues that stand with the Assyrian winged bull known by its enormity and prestige.



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