Palestinians celebrate the anniversary of Land Day

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Palestinians assigned the 30th of March of each year to be a day for the Lands, as it is in this day of 1976 the Israeli occupation forcibly confiscated thousands of acres of Palestinian land from occupied villages and the people burst in defense of their land, and announced a general strike followed by violent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces

The Palestinian people still to this day commemorates the events of Land Day to declare a series of events, starting with mass strike and a march, and the establishment of seminars and conferences to assert their persistent right to the land.
What distinguishes Land Day this year is the ignition of Al-Quds rising, which observers expect to have an impact in the strength of the actions in the Palestinian territories, the West Bank and Gaza.
From here comes the importance of the unity of the Palestinian position to stop the rape of the land, and end the occupation, and everyone wishes to be on the ground this year in the days of the glorious uprising of Jerusalem



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