Syria: Banning of Oil burners

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Municipalities and the Environment Agency in Al-Qamishli, northeastern Syria, issued a decision to ban the work of burners for the extraction of petroleum products through the burning of crude oil, which has spread dramatically during the control of ISIS organization on these areas, and the decision came as a result of the negative impact resulting from the work of the burners, as it sends harmful chemicals to the atmosphere in general and to the human in particular.

Burners were used by ISIS organization for the extraction of oil derivatives during their control on the region, through the burning of crude oil in large tanks, and in spite of the dangers and the lack of minimum public safety levels. Burners are a source of income for workers due to the hard living conditions, workers who started to suffer from skin diseases and respiratory diseases that may develop into cancer.

Municipalities and Environment Agency of Qamishli in northeastern Syria has issued a decision banning the work of the burners since it causes serious problems and because of its negative impact, the fumes emitted by the burners carry chemicals which adversely affect the environment and the health of citizens within the city and neighboring villages as well.



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