Conclusion of the International Forum for Women Entrepreneurs in Tunisia.

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International Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, organized by the “International Council of Women Entrepreneurs, the Council of Arab Women”, closes today in the Tunisian capital.




International Forum for Women Entrepreneurs concluded in Tunisia, it is organized by the International Council of Women Entrepreneurs and Women Council of Arab business, which was attended by Arab businesswomen and delegates from various Arab countries. Like Tunisia, the International Council has another appointment in the French capital Paris in the next few days for the development of economic, cultural and social relations with the Arab and European countries.

International Forum for Women Entrepreneurs has permeated display a character for a group of women involved and the International Council who seek through the global markets through renewal, development and excellence.

The Forum seeks through the International Council for women’s access to the partnership in the business on the basis of integration and the development of entrepreneurship in the field of business, in addition to strengthening the role of women in economic development, as the Council calls for the status of women to become invincible power in decision-making at the regional level and nationally and internationally through its openness to others.

The Board has included diverse range of women leaders in various fields who are working on projects to provide work and look for ways to support and develop their skills and enable them to enter in international markets, as well as to strengthen the sustainable development and promote investment and to highlight the positive characteristics of internal areas that abound outstanding stock.



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