Noor Aldeen Shoushan family tell the story of how their son became a terrorist and joined ISIS.

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Noor Aldeen Shoushan, was raised in Bouzaid in Tunisia and he was known for his good manners and he was quiet hiding his extreme mind. He was the mastermind of Le Bardo and Sousse and he died in the American strikes that targeted a group of terrorists in Libya.





In this quiet region, Noor Aldeen Shoushan was born in 1980 and he grew up and went to school in the same city as well but he forgot his countries welfares and he joined the Sharia supporters and traveled to Iraq and Syria and then to Libya here he died during the American Strike on a group of terrorists.

The studying in Libya excuse is the extremist beginning of joining a terrorist group and then he left it to go to Italy to work in trade and then to Syria to buy perfumes but he was arrested with a group of terrorist heading to Iraq and he was imprisoned for a month before returning to Tunisia.

Noor Aldeen started his life as a kick boxing player and he is wanted by the ministry of interior and there are General rights regarding theft and fraud cases despite his family praising his manners and religious behavior and said that his life was between the mosque and his home only.

Between Libya, Syria and Italy, Noor Aldeen Shoushan was the mastermind of the Le Bardo and Sousse attack that killed many foreigners last year and he also planned an attack on a police patrol in Bouzaid and burned a security center with cold blood that his relatives couldn’t see a change in his behavior.

His life was not stable and his hand is full of blood of innocent people that died in terrorist attacks that he planned and Noor Aldeen Shoushan Died leaving his mother and 4 brothers in huge disappointment.




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