Longest Sandwich in the World for the Refugees in Erbil

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A Syrian chef created the biggest sandwich in the world with size 100m in Kurdistan, Iraq with the help of 3 other chefs. The sandwich was then distributed to the refugee camps to alert the world of the Syria refugee conditions in the region.




Away from the killing, violence and misery of the Syrian refugees and the displaced in Iraq, the Syrian Chef Khaled Azzam was able to create the longest sandwich in the world of 100m long to draw attention to those refugees and displaced in Kurdistan region.

Khaled was able to break the record of the Egyptian Sandwich with the help of 3 other chefs as they made, cut and covered the sandwich to send and distribute among the refugees and displaced.

70kg of meat and 400 Saj breads as well as vegetable and Mayonnaise in the sandwich that took 10 minutes to be made by the chefs and the people that participated in the initiative to forget the violence and killing those Syrians lived for the past 5 years.



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