Tunisia – Tunisian public split between supporters and opposers of statements of US officials


Location: Tunis – Tunisia

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:39

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Tunisia

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 10/08/2022


Statements by US officials have increased recently, commenting on the situation in Tunisia. The latest remark made by Defense Minister Lloyd Austin stated that Tunisia has deviated from the democratic path.

Tunisian citizens expressed in an opinion poll that these statements are mere interference in the affairs of Tunisia. Some citizens told A24 that the US can comment and express its opinions, but Tunisia has the right to decide its own fate. Others told A24 that Tunisians should bear the fruit of their revolution and decide their own fate, as they question the intentions of these foreign officials who only want to benefit their own country.


– Soundbite (Faisal):

“We have to think rationally; will foreign interference guarantee democracy? Will they consider our interests and defend our citizenship? Will they support Tunisia’s stability and food security? There are some who fail to understand that a country is run by its people, not foreigners. Foreigners have their own motives, ideological and political agendas, they will not serve Tunisia’s interests, but will drain its resources.”

– Soundbite (Nasser Al-Obaidi – Economics professor):

“Such statements will have repercussions on the economy, especially in terms of investment. Anyone interested in investing in Tunisia will back away once they hear these statements.”

– Soundbite (Hassan):

“I do no recognize the statements of the US officials, because Tunisia has its freedoms same as the US. We are an Islamic nation with origins and history, we are different from them foreigners. I disapprove of their interference.”

– Soundbite (Dau Bin Milad):

“As a Tunisian, I believe the opinions of US officials are wrong. We are a sovereign state; we have the right to decide how we want to live.”

– Soundbite (Waseem):

“They can express their opinions, but it is our right to decide what benefits our country, our future; the referendum is in Tunisians’ best interest.”

– Soundbite (Lutfi):

“We do not need permission from the US or Europe every time a decision is made.  However, we do need democracy, as we have strayed far from a democratic system.”

– Soundbite (Ali):

“We have the right to choose or reject democracy, we do not want foreign interference. The president made a statement and he has the final say; we do not need the opinions of US ministers of foreign affairs, interior or defense. Why does France and Qatar interfere in our country’s affairs? We have lived thought the revolution and have freedom to make decisions without interference from another country.”

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