Yemen – Amputees seek treatment at KSA-funded rehabilitation center


Location: Yemen, Aden

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:38

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Aden

Restriction: A24 subscribers

Date: 10/08/2022


The Prosthetic Limbs and Rehabilitation Center in Aden, supported by the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action (KSrelief), continues to provide medical services to hundreds of Yemeni amputees.

Civilians pay the price of war that has left many with permanent disabilities, preventing them from continuing their lives normally and losing their livelihood.

Since 2015, the center has provided its services for free aiming to relieve their burden of high travel and treatment expenses.

Saudi media reports that KSrelief has pledged additional resources for maintenance of prosthetics, rehabilitation services, physiotherapy, and to hire medical staff in coordination with the Yemeni Ministry of Health.

Shot list:

– Soundbite (Saleh Fadel – Yemeni man):

“I have a tumor in my leg. The doctor told me I need to have my leg amputated because I have leg cancer. So, it was amputated. When I recovered, I came to the Limb Center to get my prosthetic leg.”

Soundbite (Yasser Mustafa – Head of the Prosthetics Workshop Department):

“Since the 2015 war until this day, the influx of wounded continues to the center. The center accommodates all governorates and has raw materials with the support of the Red Cross and UNICEF Child Care. The center has technical staff. But we need to develop the center and make it larger.”

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