Tunisia – Tunis hosts sixth digital summit to promote automation and innovation


Location: Tunis – Tunisia

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Date: 22/06/2022


The sixth edition of Tunisia Digital Summit was launched today, under the slogan “Digital Maturity: Innovation, Data and Process Automation”. It will be held in a physical location and virtually.

Two thousand and fifty people participated in this event, which was inaugurated by the Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia. The event also includes 40 applied workshops, as well as digitization training courses.

Attendees included ministers and executives of big companies. During the two-day summit, an exhibition will be held for emerging companies who wish to enter new markets and gain opportunities for partnership and cooperation with investors and clients.

The summit started with an awarding ceremony for youth and students who participated in a competition to invent applications that help facilitate economic processes of people in Tunisia.


– Soundbite (Iskandar Hadar – Organizer of the Summit):

            “We are here to discuss the important role digitization plays in the development of the nation’s economy. Artificial intelligence, cloud, emerging technologies and metaverse all have direct impact on economy, they can be used to score points in economic development, so it is important that institutions in the public and private sectors present digitization projects. Today at the summit, many youth took part in the Acaton competition, which is between 6 groups of engineering students who presented projects on blockchain and data, and their impact on digital and social services.”

– Soundbite (Umama Butaleb – student at the National Institute of Applied Science and Technology, winning team):

            “Agriculture represents 10% of Tunisia’s raw income. However, cities with agricultural lands suffer high poverty rate, which is problematic. Through research, we found out that agricultural produce increases in price by three to four times along the supply chain, from farmers to consumers.

Therefore, we established a direct market between producers and consumers. Consumers can enter and find products with their prices. This is the project we have presented, it is an application based on Blockchain system, that tracks products in the supply chain and makes it possible to detect corruption.”

– Soundbite (Umayma Rajab – student at the National Institute of Applied Science and Technology, winning team):

            “We created this project to help consumers as well as farmers, many of whom are small businesses that do not know how to operate well in the sector, so they incur losses. Through artificial intelligence, we wanted to provide services that help them make smart decisions related to their crop, including predicting the amount of crop for that year.”

– Soundbite (Nawras Naseer – student at the National Institute of Applied Science and Technology, winning team):

            “Competition was intense, especially since we come from different places with different backgrounds and different knowledge. In addition to that, we did not know other teams ideas and projects.”

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