Tunisia – Belvedere Park in Tunis holds its annual flower exhibition


Location: Tunis – Tunisia

Language: Arabic

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Source: A24

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Dateline: 13-05-2022


Belvedere Public Park, in Tunis, hosted the 25th edition of the flower exhibition, organized by Friends of the Belvedere Association, which has become an annual event awaited by exhibitors and visitors.

The park is decorated with colorful platforms to display various plants and flowers that turn it into a paradise, while citizens enjoy watching or acquiring them for their gardens.

This year, the exhibition was held later than usual, due to the weather conditions and the health conditions in Tunisia.


Soundbite (Amna Al-Sharafi – Member of Friends of the Belvedere Association, which organized the exhibition):

“We hold this exhibition in late spring. It has become a celebration and festival people and exhibitors wait for. They come from all over the country to enjoy the green space in the park. The park is located in the center of residential neighborhoods, in southern Tunis. This year, we have 8 women out of 28 exhibitors, and I am proud of this. This is the third year that women participate as exhibitors. We also have young exhibitors. The goal is not commercial, but rather to revive the spirit of cooperation and partnership and exchange of experiences.”

Soundbite (Al-Taher-Exhibitor):

“We participate in this exhibition annually to introduce our products, and to exchange ideas. Everyone awaits this exhibition. But this year, it was delayed due to several conditions, including the late winter, which delayed the flowering, and also because of the circumstances the country is going through.”

Soundbite (Imad- Visitor):

“The environment is beautiful and there are a lot of visitors. I came yesterday and found them still preparing. I came today and will come tomorrow as well. Every year I come and buy plants. We need such exhibitions in Tunisia and we want more plants in the country, as the construction work reduces the green spaces, so we hope that such exhibitions increase.”

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