Jordan – Jordan organizes an international conference on Finding New Pathways for Education


Location: Amman – Jordan

Language: Arabic+ Jordan

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Dateline: 12-05-2022


Based on its responsibility to confront the challenges facing the education sector, and its belief in partnership, the Ministry of Education in Jordan has held an international conference entitled “Finding New Pathways for Education and Workplace Success” which is the first in Jordan, and the third in the world.

In his speech, the Secretary-General of the Ministry praised Jordan’s experience during the Corona pandemic and its impact on the education sector including providing teachers with technological skills, as well as delivering messages to students, and parents very quickly.

The participants in the conference pointed out that Jordan is a leading country in terms of education in the Middle East, whether for citizens or refugees, adding that such conferences can help Jordan’s long-term plans.


Soundbite (Ahmed Shadid – CEO of Education Technologies Company):

“This conference aims to make use of the experiences of ATP Association to come up with new ways of developing education. It is a leading association in this field. Here we find answers to difficult questions about education”

Soundbite (Nawaf Al-Ajarmeh – Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education for Administrative Affairs):

“The Ministry of Education is undoubtedly responsible for what happens in the education sector in general. It believes that everyone is a partner in the education sector and in facing challenges. It is the first conference in Jordan, and the third in the world. We discussed the impact of the Corona pandemic on the education sector, and how the Ministry was able to respond quickly to the pandemic. This required providing teachers with technological skills, and also contacting students, and parents quickly. What is important is how to face such challenges in the future, and how to make use of this experience. It is necessary to provide students and teachers technological supplies in all areas.”

Soundbite (William G. Harris- CEO of ATP):

“Amman, Jordan, because, one, it’s a leader in terms of education in the Middle East region. It provides excellent education and public education for its own students and for students in the refugee settings. As an association, we need to be at the forefront of the use and the value of assessment for improving the quality of education and the learning experience for all learners. So we’re excited about the opportunity to be in Jordan and thank you very much for the invitation for the association to be here.

Soundbite (Rajib Roy – CEO of Riverside Insights):

“Education is the foundation for a productive citizenry, and a productive citizenry makes a country great. Therefore, I feel this kind of conference can help in the long-term plans Jordan. Importantly, COVID put all our plans and education behind by a year. Again, my hope is this will put us back on the right and.”

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