Roadmap to end Nedaa Tounes political party crisis

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Nida’a Tunisia party which won the 2014 elections started having a crisis two months ago after conflicts regarding the party leadership positions and with the interference of the Tunisian president, the commission 13 was created to discuss and suggest a roadmap to end the crisis which was not accepted by the dissident members of Nida’a Tunisia party.

Tunisia witnesses development in the inner conflict of Nida’a Tunisia party after the founder started the commission 13 which worked on discussing different views between party leaders and suggesting a road map which was not accepted by the dissident members led by Secretary general Muhsin Marzouk who announced last week the resignation from his position the decision which was denied by Party leader Mohammed Alnasser. Decisions of the constituent body since its decisive and clear in this purpose has canceled plans of Chairman and Secretary General of the Executive Office and dissolved in preparation for the implementation of the roadmap as put forward by the Commission 13.

The official spokesperson of the 32 dissident members Mustafa Bin Ahmed stated that the members did not withdraw but the separated from the illegitimate structures such as the constituent body and the commission 13 and they do not take the decision they make. Amid the crisis, committees that work under the commission 13 embarked on conference preparations for the party on 9 and 10 of January as provided for in the road map.

Amid foggy and blurred vision about the form of this separation from the parliamentary bloc of the party, the crisis is still ongoing, which means the odds are still featured in respect of conformity or the split or establishing a new party and this is what the Conference to be held next month will clarify.


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