Tunisia – Volunteers in Tunisia’s Ariana provide free Iftar meals to the needy


Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:03:59

Voice: Natural

Source: A24

Restriction: A24 clients

Dateline: 17/4/2022


A group of Tunisian young men and women from Ariana Governorate continue to distribute free Iftar meals during the month of Ramadan to the needy for the third year in a row. The initiative focuses on Tunisian and African families residing in Tunisia, orphans, students, and passers-by. Amid the lack of institutional support, volunteers hope to receive more support in order to develop this initiative and expand it to include other regions in Tunisia, especially in light of hard economic conditions for many and the significant increase in food prices. The number of beneficiaries is increasing day by day, according to the organizers, as purchasing power is deteriorating.

 Shot list:

Soundbite (Hana’a – volunteer):

“I hope that we will succeed in giving a helping hand to those in need through our initiative.”

Soundbite (Wafa’a – volunteer):

“Volunteers provide assistance according to their abilities. Some may help financially, others help in organizing, or providing some foodstuffs. We hope to expand our work nationwide.”

Soundbite (Muhammad Ghayada – social activist):

“The initiative is taking place for the third year in a row under the supervision of the municipality of Ariana. It is concentrated on the poor, Africans, orphans, students, and passers-by. At first, we faced difficulties due to lack of food aid but now people know the initiative and give us food, even the poor themselves tried to help in this regard. We urge the community to support us. We do not ask for money. Everyone can help according to their abilities.”

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