Turkey – Campaign launched to replace tent with houses for displaced in northern Syria


Location: Istanbul – Turkey

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:05:50

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 News Agency

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Dateline: 21-02-2022


Molham Volunteering Team, a Syrian-led not-for-profit organization, launched last month a campaign to relocate displaced families in northern Syria into house units. The campaign, dubbed ‘Until the Last Tent’, initially aimed to fundraise 400 USD thousand to move 100 families from tents to decent houses. It also aimed to draw the attention of the international community and charity organizations to the substandard tents Syrian live in and their suffering from weather harsh conditions and brutal cold. Given the team’s high credibility and transparency, the campaign exceeded its stated goal, raising an amount of about 3.6 million USD. Accordingly, the team decided to raise the target to build 900 housing units with an area of ​​55-60 m2, with 500 of them to be implemented as a first phase and continue until all families are moved. The NGO Molham Team was founded in 2012 by a group of dedicated Syrian university students based in Jordan. It seeks to help Syrian refugees in neighboring countries and northern Syria. The nonprofit organization is based in Turkey and has legal status and offices in Germany, Sweden, and Canada.


Soundbite (Atef Na`nu – CEO of Molham Volunteering Team):

“Molham Volunteering Team was founded in 2012. We were a group of young men and women studying at Jordanian universities. When the Syrian refugees’ crisis started, we decided to give a helping hand by distributing blankets and heaters in winter. Then, as we became trustworthy by people, we decided to expand our work area and moved to Turkey in 2015 to help families in northern Syria. We launched our first fundraising online platform, which managed to raise a million USD in only 90 days. Now, our team comprises 100 employees and more than 300 volunteers working in 4 countries; Turkey, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, helping orphans and vulnerable families. Our organization also has legal status and offices in Germany, Sweden, and Canada.”

Soundbite (Atef Na`nu – CEO of Molham Volunteering Team):

“Lately, during the snowstorm, we received a video for a woman calling for help. This is how the idea of the fundraising campaign was brought forward. The initial goal was to raise 400 USD thousand to move 100 families into houses. Within only a week we managed to raise 3.6 USD million. We aimed to draw organizations’ and the world’s attention to the fact that tents are inconvenient households to live in.”

Soundbite (Ammar Antar – Head of the Orphans Sponsorship Department in Molham Volunteering Team):

“Shelter department started working in 2020. We started by relocating displaced from the northern countryside of Hama and Idlib to the Barsha area, where we build 500 housing units. Then, we worked on ‘Aziz Camp’ with upgraded qualities of houses. Thinking of sustainable solutions, we came up with ‘Molham Village’ which now includes nearly 300 families. As for the ‘Until the Last Tent’ campaign, that we launched last month, we collected more than 3.5 million USD, which is sufficient to build more than 900 homes for families, whose area will range from 55-60 square meters. As a first stage of this project, it will consist of building 500 housing units, and we will continue with it until the last tent.

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