Türkiye – Call for a general strike – Istanbul


Location – Türkiye
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Date of filming the article: 12-12-2023


Israa El-Shikh, worked day and night to organize the general strike campaign for Gaza, It brought together organizations and personalities to make Gaza’s voice reach the world by stopping life inside countries

Israa el-shikh: Journalist

Many institutions and companies closed their doors today, schools, and shops, their owners considered that this was the least that could be done so that the world could hear the voice of suffering and pain in Gaza.

Activists around the world continue their protest against the aggression against Gaza and their demands to take all possible means to stop the war,Rasha and her husband one of them ..

Rasha yavuz: Activist

For the first time since the beginning of the war in Gaza, civil society organizations and figures are calling for a general strike and paralyzing the functioning of institutions, to draw the world’s attention to the importance of stopping this war, which the entire international community has failed to stop it.
Therefore, perhaps the strike and stopping economic activity may make them feel more necessary to cease fire.

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