Turkey :the Parliament decided not to use any products of companies that “support Israeli aggression.”


Location: Istanbul – Türkiye

Language: Turkish + Arabic

Duration: 00:01:49

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Turkey

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Datel: 11-13-2023



Turkish Parliament Speaker Numan Kurtulmuş said that, as of Monday, November 6, the Parliament decided not to use any products of companies that “support Israeli aggression.”


The position of the Turkish Parliament comes in support of the Palestinian people against the crimes of the Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip.


Other Turkish institutions also joined , including the Education Directorate in Yalawa and Konya…


Since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Flood operation and the war on Gaza, civil society organizations and political and cultural figures have participated in campaigns calling for a boycott of all companies that support Israel, whether coffee shops such as “Starbucks” and general stores that support Israeli products such as “Migros” and other stores, beauty and skin care products as well, Soft drinks, water and food companies.


The Parliament Speaker called on the Turkish people to support mainly local products in the face of Western products that contribute to supporting the killing of the people of Gaza.




  • Soundbite (Zainab Shafal- Supporter of the boycott campaign):

We in Turkey are all united and in one direction as a society, and this is not fascism. We want to use Turkish local products, and on the one hand we support our state. At the same time, we are against the massacres of Palestinians and support the boycott of Israeli companies. Our position is clear.


  • Soundbite ( Deema Yaser- Business women):

We are trying to do something and support people to find something alternative to the boycotted products. Alternatives to food and other things have been provided to support our people in Gaza. We are also able to do many projects, and this is not difficult, by supporting Palestinian and Arab products, and with time the size of these products increases and they will become an alternative to the products of countries that support Israel.

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