“Prophecy ring” Ottoman template in Gaza

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Handmade rings is a heritage handicraft and the Ottoman silver and copper rings “Alnebwa ring” making is known in Gaza where Dome of the Rock or the name of God is engraved on it.



In a small room of Hay Alkarama in Northern Gaza, Mohamed Abu Awn and his partner Jihad make rings “Alnebwa rings” professionally where a ring is ready while drinking a cup of tea challenging the Turks who monopolized its industry since centuries.

Mohammed used the social networking to post what he makes which made him famous in the Bank cities and Alquds where the demand for the rings increased. He made nearly 3000 rings with The Dome of the Rock engraved on it symbolizing the Palestinian revolution which started since October to be sold in one day and they are still asking for more.

Abu Awn makes a 100 ring daily but the continued interruption of electricity prevents him from making more and after he finished he wipes the sweat from his forehead since his work is related to electricity and it imposes an obstacle in his work.


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