Celebrations atmosphere of the Prophet’s birthday in Arab countries.

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The Muslims celebrated 12th of Rabi’, the birthday of the last prophet Mohammad where each Arab country celebrated it in a special way.




The Arab countries were decorated to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed and Baghdad streets were tightly secured to allow the people to

celebrate safely at Abi Haneefa Alnuman mosque hoping that peace would spread in all Islamic countries.

In the Jordanian capital, Amman, thousands of Christians and Muslims gathered side by side is the downtown to celebrate the birth of both Prophet Mohammad and Jesus assuring the world that they are brothers and they are very happy for each other.

Tunisian capital witnessed celebrations all around since the event is special to the Tunisia Muslims where people greet each other.

This celebration makes the markets very busy especially sellers of fruits and pine nuts which is the ingredient of “Alzugogo” mix which is a special of this celebration.

Even with the loud protest since the revolution from extremist who say this should not be celebrated but Tunisians don’t let this event pass without it

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