Palestine- Married couple in Gaza Launches a Homemade Chocolate Project


Location: Gaza-Palestine

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:04:56

Source: A24

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Dateline: 21/01/2021


Farid and Esraa Mushtahi in Gaza mastered the art of making fine and mouth-watering chocolate in their small house despite limited resources. In light of the poor economic conditions, the married couple strives to make a living by producing homemade chocolate bars. They transformed their home kitchen into a chocolate factory as they began by producing small chocolate bars with various shapes and colors. They even wrap them to be used as gifts for many different occasions. The social media outlet was their main portal for marketing their products. Moreover, the high-quality chocolate they create is almost like other well-known chocolate brands, despite using basic tools and molds.  However, this small kitchen became everything to them as they spend days and nights to meet the growing demands of customers. The couple faces many hurdles; the top of which is obtaining raw materials and molds which are imported from outside the Gaza Strip. This is coupled with frequent power outages. However, they insist on developing and improving the project, especially since it is their main source of living

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– SOUNDBITE (Farid Mushtahi- owner of Candy love chocolate project

Considering the poor economic status quo in the Gaza Strip, it was of paramount importance to think outside the box to find a source of living.  After consulting parents and friends, we decided to launch a chocolate project, given my wife’s long experience in producing chocolate. Accordingly, I started the project step by step until it grew to become the current Candy Love project. Moreover, I had a hard time in bringing raw materials and molds, but I overcame these obstacles. Step by step, the project grew and flourished as we started to receive more and more orders. The chocolate-making process begins with melting followed by tempering. We then put the chocolate in bars with various fillings and we wait until they dry up. We wrap them with Cellophane or package them. In the final step, we put them in nice small boxes. Through social media outlets, including Instagram and Facebook, we were able to market our chocolate. We even participated in some exhibitions that offered us the opportunity to show people that in Gaza, we produce chocolate that tastes just like chocolate by well-known brands

-SOUNDBITE ( Esraa Mushtahi- partner in the Candy love chocolate project

My job is to decorate chocolate bars so to make them look like eye-catching pieces of art. I believe that how the chocolate is presented and shaped is really important for appealing the buyer.  I use different fillings for my chocolate, including nuts, dates, oats, and coconut.  we produced large quantities with different shapes for different occasions, including wedding parties, birthday parties, Eid Al-Fitr, Adha Eid, and even gatherings

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