Iraq- Amid Heavy Snowfalls, Volunteers Launch an Initiative to Feed Animals


Location: Sulaymaniyah Governorate – Ranya District

Language: Kurdish

Voice:  natural

Duration: 00:04:59

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24

Clients Dateline: 21-01-2022


Two young men took the initiative in the Ranya district to feed birds and wild animals as many species find it difficult to reach natural food amid heavy snowfalls in the mountains. Volunteers asked residents to feed wild animals in valleys and mountains and to provide them with medications in an effort to help them survive the bone-chilling winter

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-SOUNDBITE (Wesheyar Ibrahim – animal rights activist)

We basically provide birds and wild animals food and wheat because in winter food can’t be easily found given the snow and the weather changes. During this season, animals scavenge for food in areas that aren’t so high

-SOUNDBITE ( Helqurd Warty – Volunteer)

We would like to convey a message to the people in the area: to try to spread wheat in mountains and valleys so animals can eat

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