Implications of the influx of Libyans in Tunisia on the economy

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Continuing wave of escape of Libyans to Tunisia due to the armed conflict in Libya amid fear of Tunisians citizens of the increase of food prices due to increased demand, and the raised price of rents of houses Libyans take, where the number of Libyans since the conflict began is two million refugees which has a negative and positive impact on the Tunisian economy.

Tunisia is considered a safe haven for Libyans upon the tension on Libya security level, according to the latest statistics of the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the number of Libyans stood at 1,900,000 people spread over Tunisian provinces, but mostly in the capital Tunis and in the city of Sfax.

Presence of the Libyan community in this vast amount in Tunisia in especially in private hospitals and medical centers given the decline in the number of tourists coming to Tunisia lately, in addition to raised income of high schools and private institutes Libyan students attends all has contributed to the economy.

If the Libyan presence in Tunisia has its advantage, but also there are several disadvantages proven by experts and Libyan presence contributed to the burdening of the Tunisian State through the subsidized acquisition of basic materials, causing the trade deficit demand exceeded supply which raised the prices tremendously declining ability of Tunisians to buy especially the middle class.

In addition to raised prices of real estate and rental homes upon the acceptance of Libyans to any price and their liking to expensive houses and villas in sophisticated and coastal areas.

This created a difficulty on Tunisians seeking shops because estate owners raised prices using the current situation in the region.

Upon the security tension in Libya, Tunisia took measures in closing the land borders with Libya and forbidding the landing of Libyan planes at Tunisian airport, measures that experts see positive to decrease the number of Libyans at the moment



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