Bahrain: Art exhibition paints a man’s relationship to the surrounding urban fabric

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Manama-Bahrain 07/09/2016

Art collectors and Sheikha Mai Bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, honored the Bahraini artist Hadeer Bakali’s, first exhibition, showcasing her abstract artwork on art embodying Bahrain’s past and present through the lens of the building blocks of what it was in the past, and what it is in the present to have a home in Bahrain. What is different about Bakali’s creative work is her ability to create an aura around her art that stimulates the emotional connection of a patriotic citizen housed in modern day Bahrain’s stone homes, in the underground drilling oil days, but yearns for the simplicity of homes made of the palm trees leaves, during the diving for pearls, in the sea era. Both times use the same terrain, the desert and sea, although the past is gone with the wind, she created art in duality, so the totality would encompass the ying and yang of both times, allowing the winds of change architect a home her imagination considered a shelter from the dark side of the sea and the sacred palm tree, of the past and present. If the world is our oyster, then why can’t we be free like Bakali’s art, it traveled from sea to sea, pebble to sand drawn with her hand. Art is freedom, but sometimes it sits on a page, a painting, or a stage, but the visitors of Bakali’s creative art, allowed the energy travel from her hand, to her art, into the hearts and minds of those with an eye for beauty.




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