Tunisia: The chaos of selling sweets in the streets of Tunisia

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Tunisia – 30/6/2016

Some shops that are not specialized in the manufacture and sale of sweets in the Tunisian capital Tunis left their original business during the holy month of Ramadan and headed to the preparation and sale of sweets and presented it in a manner that draws the attention of customers.

Since the first day of the holy month of Ramadan a few shops and boutiques in Tunisia tended to change their original business and headed to prepare and sell sweets, and exposed them in a manner that draws the attention of customers, which is causing a lot of chaos and harms the quality of the product based on searching for a low price without thinking about health.
In the absence of the censorship of the Tunisian municipal, the Tunisian citizen sits between the hammer of high prices and the tradition of buying sweets for Ramadan evenings or in preparation for Eid al-Fitr.

The citizen Abeer Mejri believes that people whose profession is selling sweets on the roads during the holy month of Ramadan do not save them in a healthy way, where they are susceptible to flies and sun, while Abdul Karim bin Omar, a shop owner, pointed out that the Tunisian’s failure to prepare sweets indoors allowed an explosion of this phenomenon.



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