Palestine: The Central Elections Commission Calls Upon All Factions and Citizens to Participate in the Elections

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Ramallah – Palestine  16.01.2021

During a press conference on the Palestinian election’s procedures, the Chairman of the Central Elections Commission, Hanna Nasir declared that the Palestinian factions will convene next week in Cairo to address all the technical issues related to the elections. He also called upon citizens, especially youths to register on the website to participate in this democratic process. He also confirmed that the presidential decree that sets the timeline for holding the elections was well-received by all factions. He illustrated that the elections will be conducted according to electoral lists, mentioning that it is not yet confirmed that elections will be held in Jerusalem. In case Israel didn’t approve, a new mechanism will be adopted. Moreover, he indicated that the law decides who is eligible for running, pointing out that votes will be cast through ballot boxes and not electronically

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