Syria- Mosques are Converted into Hussainiya Halls with Qasem Soleimani and Hassan Nasrallah Pictures all over the City of Aleppo

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Aleppo-Syria  19/12/2020

Iranian attempts to tout for Shiitism never seemed to cease. According to Aleppo resident, Iranian militias and Hezbollah insist on promoting their ideology by transforming well-known mosques into Hussainiya halls (a multitude hall for the mourning of Muharram and other commemoration rituals of Shia) and holding their rituals. Moreover, pictures of Qasem Soleimani -an Iranian major general in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Hassan Nasrallah, secretary-general of Hezbollah are noticed everywhere, not to mention that they hold Latmiyat marches to celebrate victories


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