Syria: An Imminent Humanitarian Catastrophe will take place in Case Northern Syria Didn’t Receive the Vaccine in the Due course

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Qamishli -Al-Hasakah- Syria 19/12/2020

The head of the Covid-19 team in Al-Hasakah, Emad Al-Nada indicated that an imminent humanitarian catastrophe will take place in case they didn’t receive the vaccine in the due course. The health administration in Al-Hasakah illustrated that quarantine centers aren’t well equipped to receive patients or to offer any treatment. He also warned that the total number of ventilators in all the centers aren’t more than 30, where more than 4 million people live. Mustafa Kolish, the co-chair of the Health authority in northeastern Syria pointed out that the health system in Syria went rack and ruin after 10 years of the grueling war. It is worth mentioning also that these regions lack the mechanism to support effective vaccine transport, storage, and continuous temperature monitoring in case it was supplied by WHO, which facilitates delivering these vaccines to poor-stricken areas

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