Palestine –Delegation of EU Heads of Mission visits Gaza and commits to support the humanitarian requirements

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Gaza – Palestine  08/12/2020

A delegation of EU Heads of Mission held a press conference in Palestine, today, Tuesday, following an oversight visit to Gaza in which they pledged to support the humanitarian needs. The delegation consisted of the heads of the EU missions, ambassadors and consuls of European countries in Palestine, and that to observe the grim health and humanitarian conditions in the strip that Israel has been besieging since mid-2007. The trip included a visit to the European Gaza Hospital for treating Corona patients, a desalination plant funded by the EU, and meeting with representatives of civil society in Gaza. The representative of the EU in Palestine, Sven Burgsdorff, stated that next week he will sign an agreement with the European Investment Bank to carry out a project for a desalination plant in Gaza for one billion euros, as well as collaborations with the European Union to support Projects that provide natural gas in coordination with international partners.

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