Tunisia- Harissa is A Fundamental Ingredient of the Tunisian Cuisine in Winter

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Nabeul – Tunisia 18/11/2020 

In the cold winter, Tunisians enjoy preparing the Tunisian Harissa, a fundamental ingredient of the Tunisian cuisine. Harissa, a hot chili pepper paste, is one of the most famous culinary products in Tunis and the second most consumed product after tomato paste. Nabeul, the home of Harissa that produces the sauce with different seasonings, is the sponsor of the annual Harissa Festival, which promotes enlisting of the Tunisian harissa sauce on the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage. The permanent representative of Tunisia to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO Ghazi Gharayri announced that Tunisia has formally submitted the file for registering Harissa on the list of intangible heritage

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