Tunisia – Tunisian Mosaic, Craft of History

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Tunis- Tunisia  30/10/2020

Mohammed Bayram, Head of the National Chamber of Mosaic and Engraving in Marble, has inherited his love of sculpture from his father. In 1996 he did a course in painting and sculpture. He specialized in Mosaic and engraving on marble, then in 1998, he opened his shop. He has been experienced for 22 years now and following up on all the possible developments in this field. He draws celebrities, makes jewelry pieces, as well as paintings, reflect Tunisian nature, and perpetuate historical places like Sidi Bou Said. Tunisia is known for its historical and archaeological collection of mosaic in the world, due to the availability of raw materials like rocks and marbles. This sector has been flourishing again after the Tunisian tended to handcrafts


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