Yemen: Under Tightened Security Measures, Ambassador of Iran to Yemen Participates in Prophet Muhammad’ Birth Anniversary

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Sana’a Yemen 30/10/2020

On the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad, Ambassador of Iran to Yemen- Hassan Erlo participated in the celebration, organized by Yemeni Houthi militias in Al Sabeen Square, south of the city of Sana’a. This mark his first public appearance after the illegitimate Yemen’s Houthi rebel government appointed him as the ambassador of Iran. Hundreds participated in the celebration while expressing their outrage over French President Emmanuel Macron’s offensive statements on Islam. During the celebration, Houthi leader- Abdul Malik al-Houthi gave a televised speech. Experts lately made it clear that the ambassador’s arrival to Sana’s, following a statement by the foreign ministry spokesman published on Fars news agency, is a confirmation of Iranian unswerving military and political support to Houthi militias. It is worth mentioning that the new ambassador serves in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps


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