Syria- ISIS Victims still Suffer Despite its Defeat.

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Raqqa-Syria 14/09/2020 

Despite ISIS defeat in Raqqa, many were left in dire human conditions, where many cases of amputations and lost limbs were reported, especially by those wounded in the conflict by ISIS or by mines. Omar Hamdan, who is a resident of Raqqa city, narrates his story: ISIS had detained him in April 2017, following a fight with a member close to ISIS organization; whom requested the court to hold a trial following the Sharia law (ISIS interpretation of the law) that stipulates hacking off the hand and the leg for thieves. It is worth mentioning that Sunna Al-Amal (Hope Makers) centre is concerned with the installation of prostheses and the provision of physical therapy services but due to halt in assistance, the centre is n longer providing any services


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