Iraq – The Execution Of The Wrestler Afkari Is condemned After He Was Convicted Of Killing In 2018 Protests.

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Sulaymaniyah- Iraq 14/09/2020

Despite international, political and human rights calls to stop the execution of  the young wrestler, Naivd Afkari, Iran executed him as he was charged of killing a security guard during a wave of protests against the Iranian government in 2018. The chairman of the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development, Awat Ali, pointed out that the execution of Afkari indicates that the Iranian authority doesn’t consider the voice of the international community, it is an authoritarian power that practices oppression and persecution against the Iranian. Experts declared that the way Iran handles the protests suggests the failure, barbarity and illegality of the regime, especially dealing with protesters who have been fed up of hunger, oppression and injustice. this is similar to how Iranian militias treat the peaceful protestors in Iraq.

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