Bahrain- Iran is exploiting the People’s Money to Finance Outlawed Armed Forces

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Manama – Bahrain 07/09/2020

In a report released by the Amnesty International, it has accused the Iranian security forces of torturing hundreds who were arrested in the last year crackdown on nationwide protests. They indicated that such regime is authoritarian; it is no wonder that unrests are breaking out, especially in light of the starvation tactic followed by the government. Not to mention violations of all human rights charter and the fact that Iran’s constitution doesn’t stipulate any rights for its citizens. Analysts called upon the state’s institutions and the Iranian opposition to issue recommendations to halt such abuses. Human rights’ recommendations should be sent to the United Nations, which in turn would impose international sanctions on Iran.  Furthermore, they confirmed that Iran is only concerned with outlawed organizations, and affiliated armed groups like Hezbollah and Houthis, who are in charge of stirring chaos in the region

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