Tunisia- Tunisia resumes ground and air flights amid tight preventive measures

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Tunis – Tunisia  28/06/2020

Tunisia opened the air and land borders yesterday after a closure period of more than 3 months, Carthage International Airport welcomed today the first flights amid strict preventive measures by the Ministry of Health, which deployed doctors at the airport to provide the necessary advice to the arrivals and to take all needed information about them to continue the process of a follow-up in order to prevent the outbreak the coronavirus, it should be noted that Tunisia imposed a health protocol on all arrivals from abroad after determining the epidemiological situation of the various countries coming from them, which ended the quarantine. Overall, the countries of the world were divided into two groups according to their epidemiological situation, the first being the green group with a poor rate of the epidemic, the second group, is orange for the countries with the medium outbreak of the epidemic, citizens are subjected to special preventive measures by doing the “Rt_PCR” test 72 hours before traveling, provided that the date of the negative and virus-free result should not exceed 120 hours upon arrival in Tunisia, with the need for those coming from these countries to wear medical masks and commit to social spacing during exiting the airport.

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