Bahrain – Crown Prince Center for Training and Medical Research: trained more than 1,900 medical personnel to face Coronavirus

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Manama – Bahrain  21/06/2020

Since the announcement of the first infection with the emerging coronavirus, the Crown Prince Center for Training and Medical Research in Bahrain has started preparing a number of medical teams, such as paramedics, doctors and nurses, in preparation for dealing with infected or suspected cases, through intensive training workshops according to the rules set by the World Health Organization in line with protocols for health prevention of infection, as the number of trainees to provide health care to corona patients at the center to date more than 1900 trainees, including a number of volunteers who are trained on : Proper use of protective and personal equipment, respiratory evaluation, use of a ventilator, respiratory airway management, as well as clinical and other medical care.The center also created a new department for the intensive care unit consisting of 500 beds, and trained the specialized medical staff in record time to deal with this pandemic quickly and accurately, especially as the intensive care unit requires a set of specific skills and extensive training. This is the first and best center in Bahrain and neighboring countries for training medical personnel using advanced and modern simulation equipment, according to the head of the Crown Prince Training Center, Brigadier Dr. Khaled Abdul Ghaffar.

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