Lebanon – Iranian-backed Hezbollah began to lose its supporters after Caesar’s act

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Beirut – Lebanon  21/06/2020

The views of a large number of supporters of The Iranian-backed Hezbollah have changed, especially after the passage of the “Caesar Act”, which led to further deterioration of the economic situation in Lebanon because it contains a series of sanctions against the party and a number of personalities and institutions dealing with it because of its military intervention inside Syria and its close association with the regime, the party’s supporters previously attributed the change of their opinion to the deviation of its compass from the resistance of Israel and the defense of the Palestinian cause and Lebanese territory as it has directed its weapons inside the country to protect the corrupt system that caused the collapse of the Lebanese economy and brought international sanctions that are affecting the living necessities of the people, they also called on Hezbollah to hand over its weapons to the national army instead of being a military arm of Iran at home and regionally to avoid bringing more sanctions on Lebanon.

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