Tunisia – Despite the outbreak of Coronavirus…. The toll of illegal immigration to Italy rises

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Tunis – Tunisia  09/06/2020

After the Coronavirus crisis swept Tunisia and deepened the difficult economic and social conditions of the population from rising unemployment and poverty, many African and Tunisian immigrants have sought illegal migration to the Italian coast, as coronavirus did not stand in their way, illegal immigrants of many nationalities take the Tunisian coasts as a transit point to reach Europe via the Mediterranean sea, as the number of irregular immigrants who have arrived in Italy from Tunisia since the beginning of the year has reached about 500 migrants, Africans fleeing from the war in Libya and those stuck in Tunisia 10 years ago think that it is the tunisian government’s failure to find a solution to their problem and in enabling them to take refuge in European countries is what forces them to ride the sea in order to change their reality, which as they described is miserable .

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