Iraq – Pain and sadness take over Mosul in the commemoration of falling under ISIS control

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Mosul – Ninawa Province – Iraq 09/06/2020

It was not an ordinary day in Mosul, on this day in 2014, Mosul, the center of Ninawa province in northern Iraq, changed, and the scene of fighting between ISIS fighters and Iraqi forces became dominant, therefore Mosul residents remember the day when Mosul fell in front ISIS, but today, after the demise of the organization, the people of Mosul recall the pain of that anniversary, especially as they felt marginalized by the state at the time as they described, they also recall how differences and mutual accusations between the various official parties in the country strengthened the thorn of ISIS and enabled it to tighten its control of the province of Nineveh fully, former Governor of Ninawa, Atheil Al-Nujaifi, confirmed that the fall of Mosul was due to the rejection of the project of the Iranian revolution, which the pro-Iranian Dawa party is seeking to implement.

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