Palestine – Kites in the skies of Gaza on the anniversary of the Naksa

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Gaza – Palestine  05/06/2020

Organized by the Tamer Foundation for Community Education in the Gaza Strip, under the slogan: “This is our sky, everything thats here belongs to us, the star, the plane, the sea boats, and the land are ours”, a number of young people made kites and launched them into the skies of Gaza in conjunction with the 53rd anniversary of the June Naksa, with the aim of creating new spaces for interaction and communication among young people, in addition to drawing the attention of the people of the world to the palestinian right to freedom and transportation, and to make a comparison between the Palestinian community in Gaza and other communities because of their inability to move due to the Israeli blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip for years, while most countries of the world are suffering from the closure of their airport and the suspension of transportation between their people.

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