Palestine- Gaza responds to Israeli attacks with explosive balloons

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Gaza- Palestine 20/01/2020

The Gaza Strip recently witnessed the return of the launch of “exploding balloons” towards Israel again, as those balloons consisting of incendiary and explosive materials targeted Israeli settlements on the border with the Strip. For his part, the researcher specialized in political affairs, Mansour Abu Karim, considered that the situation in Gaza reflects the presence of attempts by the Israeli sides and the resistance factions to pressure each other, Israel targets the military sites of Hamas and, in turn, presses the resistance factions on Israel through “explosive balloons” to move from the calm phase to the armistice stage, Member of the High Commission for Return Marches and the Breaking of the Siege, Talal Abu Zarifa, stressed that the continued Israeli blockade of Gaza prompted young people to launch “explosive balloons” to pressure to remove Gaza from the situation it is going through.

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