Palestine- Oil and olives heavy production this year with decline of purchasing power of citizens in Gaza

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Gaza- Palestine 23/10/2019

The farmers in Gaza sector started to pick this year’s olive, and dust off the machines in the contemporary waiting for the crop, the annual olive harvest forms a major economic, social and cultural main event for the Palestinians, similar to the national wedding, and the citizens prefer to buy Gaza olive over the other kinds considering it as one of the best olive kinds in the world, except that it faces several problems, most notably the danger of bulldozing Israeli forces and the high prices of “fertilizers and pesticides”, adding to that the bad economic situation which reflected on the oil and olive selling price, and the owners of factors in Gaza pointed that the this season is considered good and abundant for the oil, except that this year the decline in the purchasing power of Gaza citizens was obvious in terms of oil and olives, due to poor economic conditions.

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