Palestine- Olive harvest has a festive atmosphere

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Gaza- Palestine 18/10/2019

Olive season for Gaza sector residence forms an annual special heritage event, where all of the farmers and residents gather to help, and it continues for around two months or according to the crop, and the olive harvest season, which kicks off in the Gaza Strip, is accompanied by large ceremonial rituals, and some food and special drinks will be prepared on the fire of firewood, in addition to some Palestinian songs, and the area allocated for olive trees in the Gaza Strip is 33,790 dunams, and the fruitful area 20030 dunams and fruitless area 13,760 dunams, in the middle of expectations that the total production should be 17,271 tons, of which 5500 tons are allocated for pickling, the rest, an estimated 12,00 tons, go to squeeze and produce oil.

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