Syria – A number of injured people from  Ras al-Ain were rescued to The Lekerin Hospital in Tel Tamer (Exclusive Shots)

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Tel Tamer City – Hasaka Province – Syria 18/10/2019

A convoy of volunteers from the residents of Hasakeh governorate in northeastern Syria headed towards the city of Ras al-Ain in the northwest of the province in order to transport the bodies of the dead and rescue the wounded of the military operations that took place in the north of the country and take them to the Lekerin hospital in the city of Tel Tamer in Hasaka, but it was not able to enter Ras al-Ain because they were shot by Turkish-backed Syrian opposition forces at the entrance to the city, forcing them to return yesterday to the city of Tal Tamer after they were able to rescue a few wounded.

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