Tunisia: Parliamentary initiative for equality between men and women in inheritance

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A legislative parliamentary initiative floated on the surface of the Tunisian political arena calling for equality between men and women in inheritance, which aroused considerable controversy in the Tunisian parliament, especially after it was supported by a number of major blocs, and a range of economic and social studies showed that maintaining the distribution of inheritance quotas system based on the man’s preference over women, would contribute significantly to hold on to positions of economic and social subordination of women to men.

The Tunisian political arena is going through a considerable controversy, especially in the Tunisian parliament after Vice Tunisian parliament speaker Mehdi Ben Gharibah proposed a legislative initiative calling for equality in inheritance between men and women, and this initiative falls within the framework of continuing rooting the Tunisian society in its acclaimed privacy since the nineteenth century, in terms of sticking to the cultural teneta of the Tunisian people and to engage in strolling which enshrines the rights of citizens and seeks to guarantee them, where most of the Tunisian people see that the initiative will contribute in improving the material situation of the Tunisian women and enhance their role in the various economic, social and political fields and helps significantly to reduce the rate of poverty in their ranks.


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